Oil painting of  Leopard in jungle
oil painting Sumatran tiger in forest
Oil painting of a snow leopard

Hercules - Oil on Canvas -  28" x 36"

Hercules was a Snow Leopard who fell victim to the trend for wild animals in the entertainment industry. He ended up unwanted and displaced, until rescued by "Big Cat Rescue" in Florida. There he lived, not the life he should have, but a relatively long and happy one for his  circumstances.  I did this Portrait for their Annual Fur-Ball fund raiser in 2012.  Sadly Hercules died during the time I was doing it and they kept it in his memory.

Chinese Leopard, Oil on Canvas, 20" x 20"

I met this gorgeous leopard at the Wildlife Heritage Trust for endangered species. I was with a group of photographers and became fascinated with him. Since it seemed mutual, I kept popping back for more photographs while the rest of the group moved on. On my fourth return, something hit the glass between us at such velocity I nearly lost the camera! Turned out there were two leopards in there and his thoroughly irritated hidden mate had four footed the glass in a blur of motion and force! No-one was hurt and I took the hint and tootled off!


White Fire 18" x 24" Oil on deep-edged Canvas

White Tigers are amongst the most stunning and sought after of the Big Cats. This is rather a misfortune for them as they are unscrupulously bred to try to produce the white gene. Many failures come to a bad end. Nevertheless, they still occur both naturally and otherwise and although the ethics involved may be questionable, their beauty certainly isn’t! I hope this painting shows something of his powerful presence and the mystical element all white tigers seem to possess.

Suma Baby – Oil on Canvas -  16" x 20"

An oil on canvas portrait of one of the first Sumatran tiger cubs born in the UK. I was lucky enough to meet and photograph him and his sibling at the time at The Kent Wildlife Heritage Foundation  for endangered species. Because they are so critically endangered in the wild, this is a very important baby and they featured on the BBC's One Show at that time.

I have a passion for all animals and the natural world. Many of these paintings are done from my own photographs of the animals, even the big cats  in several.   You can see more photos , close-ups, side views etc in my Etsy Shop, The Magic Paintbox, link below.  For  personal commissions, or if you  have a picture you  would like painted please contact me initially here   [email protected]  


Oil painting of El Nabila B

White Knight 24" x 32" - Oil on Canvas

An Oil Portrait of a beautiful Arabian, based on the Champion Stallion, El Nabila b, who I had the great honor of meeting a few years ago at his then home in California! I have concentrated on the sculptural elegance and strength of form and used a limited and muted palette which complements his power and grace.

Oil painting of two ponies in forest

Curious Companions 20" x 20", Oil on canvas

For Sale  £350 click here for more views

While driving with friends in the West of Ireland, I spotted these two beauties in a nearby field and shot off to photograph them; deaf to the outraged cries of my companions - on whom I apparently unleashed a million midges as I went! These ponies were extremely curious and friendly and I am on a promise to return with carrots, since they posed here for free!! The work is on block canvas painted all around the sides, so no frame is required. It is very three dimensional in impact.

Oil portrait of Arab horse head
Oil painting by Jane Indigo of Arabian horse

Cow in Poppies 16 x 20 - Oil on Canvas

I saw a herd of beautiful white cows in Clare Morris Park, when visiting my sister in the West of Ireland in 2015. This one was somewhat apart from the rest, chilling out and looking extremely content with the day and her spot. She was such a beauty I knew had to paint her when I got home. I have placed her luxuriating among the surreal greens and reds of a Poppy field we saw in the same park that day.

Allah's Gift - 18" x 22" Oil on Canvas

This painting was the first in a series in which I wanted to celebrate the mythical beauty and allure of Arabian horses. I named it "Allah's Gift" as according to legend, these horses were created from the wind itself by Allah on the last day of creation. Fittingly this one was purchased by a client from the Royal court in Riyadh.

contemporary Oil painting cow in wildflower meadow

Arabian Sapphire - Oil on Canvas - 18" x 22"

For sale £350, click here for more views

Legend has it that on the last day of Creation, Allah whispered the command “Incarnate" to the wind itself and there stood the Arabian horse. These are truly magical creatures and if you ever see one run, you will understand the legend. This painting was the second in what I hope to make a series.




oil painting of leopard stalking in forest

Forest Leopard, Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas - 16 x 24 inches

For sale £400, for more views click here

The subject is a leopard I met and photographed at a species preservation sanctuary a few years back. His magnetism and power fascinated me and this painting was based on a photograph I took just moments before his hidden mate sprang at me from amongst the foliage! Fortunately, glass separated us and I beat a hasty retreat with my photos and person intact.

Oil painting of white tiger in the jungle
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Burning Bright 20" x 16" - Oil on Canvas

This is an endangered Sumatran Tiger. The painting is Oil on linen canvas. This stunning predator is captured here mid prowl and looking up at the watcher. The model is from "The Big Cat Sanctuary" in England and she is part of a group of endangered animals who are there to essentially breed and preserve their species against extinction.


Out of the Blue 32" x 24" - Snow Tiger, Oil Painting on Gallery Wrap  Canvas, no frame required

For Sale  £595 click here for more views

A white tiger emerges from the blue, atop a white crystal mountain. This impinging original Oil painting measures 32 x 24 inches and is painted on deep-edged canvas, white around the sides. The tiger seems to come straight at you out of a deep blue vortex and sky effect and I loved painting this one, it was sheer indulgence. The picture has a very three dimensional feel and would prove a talking point for any room. I love Big Cats generally and White Tigers are amongst the must beautiful and high impact of the species. This one, with his curious, ice blue eyes, is no exception!  The canvas can be hung un-framed, or may be framed if preferred.  



Tiger Lily, 14" x 18" - Oil on canvas This original painting is of a Bengal tiger at ease in a forest pool. He looks as if he may be about to sample the Water lily floating in front of him! I love the way the vibrant colour of the lily is picked up by the colour of the tiger's tongue and the reflections of his glorious markings in the water. The rich colours and scene make this a rather exotic painting which would liven up a bland room, or equally; enhance a more richly decorated one.




Green swan painting EOS400 easel  MG 0008 ps

 The Swan's Secret, Oil on Canvas, 12" x 16"                           For sale, unframed  £300

I had been following this lovely swan in the lake-grounds of Hever castle for some time one sunny Sunday afternoon. The swan was behaving rather oddly and I wanted to see what was going on with it. When it disappeared into some deeply shaded and overhung shallows eventually, I scrambledthrough the nearby banks, emerging though a tangle of reeds and hanging branches, just as the swan also clambered onto the bank and shook her wings. What a delight it was to find the secret of her furtive behaviour and see her lovely nest. I was discreet in my following and took care not to disturb her!  Click here for more pictures or to purchase  Note: Shop prices include postage, which varies on location.