2017 - July - Windsor Castle Plein Air Painting

I was very excited to be among a group of Artists accepted to do open air paintings in the grounds of Windsor Castle this year. HM has very graciously opened these to Artists for one day a year for the second year running. This included her private areas, such as the lovely Moat Gardens shown above. It was a marvelous experience, beautifully coordinated by the Windsor Art Society. Unfortunately the British weather was truly mean to us that day and it absolutely bucketed down, resulting in many Artists fleeing. I stuck it out till almost the bitter end as it was such a unique opportunity but alas, was not able to complete the Tower painting on the day. Valiant though my umbrella and easel were, the rain and wind won in the end!

Arrivin‍‍‍g to blue skies!

With a promise of bad things to come!

A view of the almost tropical hill gardens.

‍‍‍Some smart Artists came camouflaged for combat!!


March - April 2015

Presentation and Press for my Drake Commission. My local newspaper "The East Grinstead Courier" ran a nice piece on my recently completed commission of Canadian rap star Drake. The article wasn't entirely accurate as it was a large canvas, not a mural and was presented by my client to Drake himself, but still a nice piece of publicity after all the hard work on this one! Later it appeared on Drake's official site "Word on the Road" and turned up in numerous music and events mags, including NME etc. I also did several Radio interviews including BBC Radio One, so my surprise commission turned out to be quite far reaching!

April 14th and 15th 2018

‍‍‍Hand Crafted Arts Fair -High Hurst‍‍‍woood Hall -Tunbridge Wells - TN22 4AD

‍‍‍I will be doing live Portrait drawing here in April, and also exhibiting some original works alongside  a varied and talented group of Artists and Artisans in several fields. These include include Woodwork, Sculpture, Glass Painting and more. Many exhibitors will be working live as well, so you can follow some of the creative processes as part of the experience. The video below gives a preview of some of what's on offer. There will also be a refreshments area and a bar in the main Hall.