Pet Portraits

A black and white drawing commission of an Old English Sheepdog
A Painting of a Springer Spaniel Water Color and inks by Jane Indigo

Pets and their personalities are just as different from each other as their owners are. I love to capture the singular aspects of each and here are some examples of that. Commissions shown here sev‍‍‍eral media including Oil, Pencil, Colour Pencil and Acrylic. To commission your own, please contact me for a quote. I can also take  the photographs if needed, distance permitting. You can email your queries to me at   [email protected]  for a fast response or call in the UK on 07510820486.

Luke -  16" x ‍‍‍20" Graphite & Pencil

Luke is a very handsome dog, whom I  have shown  here sitting in his favourite spot guarding the front door.  He has an extremely intense expression which I have tried to capture here.

Alfie - Colour pencil & Watercolor 16" x 20"
I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the exuberant Alfie at his lovely home in the West Sus‍‍‍sex countryside. We chose this shot of him looking rather dreamy for his portrait here!

Oil Painting commission of German Shepherd Dog by Jane Indigo Moore

Max - German Shepherd Oil  16" x 20"

Max was a Police dog and extremely handsome and imposing looking. I did this Oil painting for his handler and owner ‍‍‍as a memorial after he sadly passed on after a very productive and happy life.

Oil Painting of a wire haired Terrier dog by Jane Indigo Moore

Yeshi - Pencil 12" x 16"

This little Lhasa Apsa was one of the sweetest, most affectionate  dogs I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! However she turned into a holy terror ‍as soon as w‍‍‍e went outside for her photo shoot, leading her Mom and I a merry dance as she cavorted through mud, weeds and general muck. Here she is, all cleaned up and gorgeous... and looking just a tiny bit guilty maybe?!

"Harrison" - Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

Harrison belongs to the owners of my local Pub. He is an extremely popular presence there and often has his own ‍‍‍dish of beer at the bar! He is a great character and I really loved painting him, though he avoided me for ages after this, as during our photo shoot he was kept waiting for his walk a good hour!

An portrait in coloured pencils of a Chihuahua dog by Jane Indigo Moore
Black and white portrait  drawing of Springer Spaniel on grass with garden background

‍‍‍Bailey Chihuahua - Colour pencil 12 " x 16"

Marvin, Jack and Brunel

O‍‍‍il on Canvas 18" x 28"

Another one that was great fun to do the photo shoots for. It was lovely meeting and playing with them all. This large portrait was commissioned by their owner for his girlfriend as a surprise gift. The breeds are Dalmatian, Bichon Frise and the ever lugubrious Bassett Hound. Because this was a rush commission and time was short, I did the under-painting in Acrylic and finished in Oil.

Arwen - Colour Pencil - 12" x 16 "

Arwen was a lovely Calico cat who sadly fell foul of a car. This Portrait of her, based on an early photograph, was commissioned as a memorial by her loving ‍‍family.‍‍‍

Ziggy - Graphite and pencil - 12" x 16"

This drawing was commissioned as a birthday gift for his owner by two of her staff. Out of the many photos from our shoot, they chose this one as it captured a quirky look which is very characteristic of hi‍‍‍m apparently. I drew him in part of the grounds of the delightful country estate where he lives.

This Portrait was commissioned by a lady living in France for her daughter. I loved the cheeky, watchful expression on this little chap's face and he was a delight to ‍‍‍draw.

Black and white  drawing of a Lhasa Apsa dog by Jane Indigo
oil painting bull terrier by Jane Indigo Moore
bull terrier oil painting by Jane Indigo

Barney  - Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

This Portrait is of my niece's rescue dog, the handsome and rather regal, Barney. It was commissioned as a Christmas present by her husband and now hangs in pride of place above the mantel. Credit for this one also goes ‍‍‍to Lisa Graham for her amazing reference photograph .