Acrylic painting of mountains, white tiger and lady with owl

Although often classified as Fantasy, I prefer the title above for these. This is because, in my Art  the subjects definitely exist but the settings and relationships are fanciful. This is my  favourite genre to paint, as I get to create my own worlds and portray the magical and powerful elements that I sense but seldom see in this one. The relationship between powerful or mysterious women and wild animals is one that has fascinated me since I was a child, and it is the theme I am currently exploring in these. Often a poem comes into my mind while working on them, which tells part of a story. The viewer can decide the rest, these paintings invite that participation.

The Guardians 32” x 24” - Oil on Block Canvas

The Travellers 18 x 22 Acrylic on Block Canvas

But who will pass the Wolven Queen?

A Throne of Stone on Irish green

where blizzards whirl and ice winds blow

What quest of horror or delight

 with forest beast and sprite of air?

Through mountain passes thick with snow

    What impulse drives a maiden fair

calls forth such travellers to these heights?

Imaginative Art

Sacred Grove, Oil on Canvas - 32" x 24" - Original Sold - Prints coming soon

This subject was inspired initially by the fleeting expression I saw on a girl's face. An image of a quiet forest and a stag came into my mind and I began working on reference photos to create it. The colours are luminous and rich and the feel is of a place of both safety and magic. The woman isn't entirely mythical in feel however; she could almost have stepped out from a ball into a different, more ethereal world. The painting is on deep edged canvas continued round the edges, so can be unframed but can also be framed if desired.


Another Eden, Oil on Canvas - 32" x 24"

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I dream of a world where humans and animals can co-exist in harmony; where beauty and latent ferocity may be expressed in the purity of just what they are without dominion or fear; another Eden in other words!

Selected by the Editor as the cover for the Autumn edition of this  poetry and prose publication.

A mystical forest scene painted by Jane Indigo Moore with wolves and a mythical woman

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