Biography I was born in England but my father's work took us to Africa when I was a baby. He was a design engineer on the Railways and we spent time living on coaches in the African bush. Growing up with Africa's rich Wildlife all around me, it was inevitable that the love of animals would become a major theme in both my life and later my Art. It is a great sadness to me that they are so endangered today; hunted and poached to the brink of extinction in a few short decades.

Returning to England aged nineteen, I ran my own business doing Murals and Faux finishes for several years in London. When I got married and children arrived we moved to Sussex for a gentler lifestyle!  As luck would have it renowned hand-painted furniture makers " Dragons of Walton Street” had their production studios not far away.

I became a Studio Artist there for eight years and during that time gained the commercial and design skills for painting on wood.

About the Artist

Currently I am working on a series of Oil Paintings exploring the theme of a mythical relationship between humans and wild animals. I am drawn again and again to the beauty of Willife, especially Big Cats, and like to envisage a world in which we have a more  benevolent relationship with them than in the current one!

I welcome Portrait and painting commissions, including childrens' hand-painted furniture. Please feel free to contact me for any enquiries you may have.

Tutoring And Demonstrations

I offer private lessons in Drawing and Painting and also do Demonstrations for Art Groups There is also a weekly drop-in group session for the former if local to the East Grinstead area. Email for info.

Below: Some of the students at a weekly drop-in class, drawing from a model.

I am an English Artist dividing my time between the lovely West Sussex countrside and sunny California. I love painting animals and nature and also enjoy and undertake Portrait commissions. Notable ones have included series Portraits for the CBS television network in the US, and  a large canvas of the rapper “Drake” and  friends for his LA home.

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After eight years with Dragons, I left to pursue my own artistic path, going first to France where I spent a year in the studios of master Realist,Ted Seth Jacobs. That training armed me with the technical ability to communicate my own artistic visions far more clearly. Later I went on to Florence to pursue further classical studies, while immersing myself in the  the wonderfully rich culture and history that is everywhere in that ancient city.

Below: Lead Instructor of the "Angel Academy" in Florence, the briliant Jared Wozniki, doing a drapery critique on my copy of Caravaggio's John the Baptist.

For Commission, licensing or direct purchase enquiries, please contact me by email or phone.

Angel academy Jared critique

Exhibitions: I have exhibited with several Art Societies and groups in the UK and France. These include The Society of Women Artists in Westminster, The UK Association of Animal Artists and The Ashdown Artists in West Sussex, of which I am a current member.  

Below: Some of my works on display with the annual Associatiobn Of Animal Artists and a local Exhibition with the Ashdown Artists.

Ashdown Arts Exh 1216
AAAExhibitiontrip 008