oil painting of lady and dog contemplating the sea
Oil Painting of Windsor Castle from Queen's Moat Gardens



Seascapes & Landsca‍‍‍pes












Oil painting of seagulls circling white cliffs with sea and wildflowers

Like many people, I love the sea! Below are some paintings of the sea and sea related things.  I have also included Landscapes here. Paintings for sale can be seen with more views and details etc in the Shop link below. I currently sell through Etsy as it is a totally safe platform for buyer and seller alike.  I can also do commissions of any favourite views or locations of your own. Just contact me for a quote here     [email protected]‍‍‍


painting of a girl surfer rising through the waves into sunlight
painting of sea and waves with sailing yachts and seagulls flying
Oil painting of two swans driftng down a lake on the Avon river

Another painting after a sketching day spent in the beautiful Rottindean area near Brighton. The seas were stormy a‍‍‍nd the wheeling gulls, lazy boats drifting and glittering water all combined to attract my eye.  

Brighton Gulls - Oil on Canvas - 16" x 20

The Girl on The Beach

‍‍‍Oil on Canvas - 16” x 20”

The sense of solitary space one often feels near deserted beaches is what I have tried to capture with this figure here, gazing out at the distant horizon.

Seaford Cliffs

‍‍‍Oil on Board - 16" x 20" - For Sale £150

This was completed after a wonderful plein air painting day with a fellow Artist. I loved the sense of space, the deep drop of the cliffs and, as ever, the lonely wheeling of the numerous gulls who make their home there.

Surfer Rising Oil on Canvas 20" x 20"

This was a commissioned painting for a young lady in California who loves to surf. It is one of the few paintings not based on my own photographs and I hope I have done it justice here. I can't credit the photographer as I don't know who they were but it was in the public domain and I thank them.

I painted this after a walk along the beautiful Avon River near Bath. The day was bright and filled with bird song and the whole scene felt dreamy and rather surreal as the swans floated round a bend and drifted by.

  Swans on the Avon

        ‍‍‍         Oil on Canvas - 12" x 16"

I was inspired to paint this after visiting "The Mirage ", Siegfried and Roy's Wildlife sanctuary in Las Vegas. While I don't generally approve of wild creatures in captivity for entertainment purposes, I have to admit these dolphins seemed really happy. They only "perform" if they want to and visitors are told this when they arrive. We were lucky, as just before we left, they decided to pop up and play. I have set them here where I know they really should be, cavorting in a coral reef in open seas.

Dolphin Playland Oil  on Canvas‍‍‍ - 24" x 31" For Sale £900


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oil painting of human figure looking out to sea with boats and seagulls




oil painting view of Sheffield Park house from the lake

Sheffield Park - Oil on Canvas - 20" x 20"

This was painted from life over a few week ends in the amazing grounds of Sheffield Park Gardens in Sussex. The colours truly were as luminous and vibrant‍‍‍ as they look here.



After the Walk

Oil on Block Canvas 12” x 16”

I saw these two figures while out painting near Brighton and their contemplative‍‍‍ union really captured my attention. It was a typical Brighton scene yet the mood and moment could be anywhere on earth. The painting is in Oil on deep edged canvas with the scene continued around the sides.




This painting was begun when invited to paint with a group of Artists in Windsor Palace. My friend and I chose HM's private Moat Gardens as our venue and this painting shows her getting started on her canvas. Due to torrential rains that day, I had to finish it in my Studio. On a whim, I have added an entirely imaginary Corgi who ‍‍I'm sure he would have been as fascinated as he looks if he was actually there! Artists collection - NFS.


Windsor Gardens - Oil on Canvas 16" x 24" ‍‍‍  Artists Collection - NFS

Oil painting showing sea, waves and sailing boats

Brighton Rocks, Seascape with Gulls

Oil on deep edge Canvas 16"x 20”

For sale - £175

There is quite a bit a lot of motion going on with the rather frenzied swooping of the gulls here. Set against this, the calm sea with distant sailing ships draws the eye out to the horizon. The painting is on deep edged canvas painted around the edges, so doesn't require a frame.

a young girl and her dog looking out to sea at Seven sisters

"The Sea Watch" Oil on deep  Canvas 16" x  20" For sale £375

This view is one of my favourite places, the beautiful Seven Sisters Hills in the South Downs. It was a very calm da‍‍‍y with a feeling of stillness and serenity. Several people were about walking their dogs and looking very companionable.  My daughter was the model here, staring contemplatively out to sea with her companion also taking a breather after their long walk. I love the feeling that exists between people and their canine companions at these moments and never tire of trying to capture them.

"Twixt here and there"

Oil on Canvas 20" x 24"

For sale £4‍‍‍50

‍‍‍This started as a painting of a girl I saw walking her dog in Santa Monica. There was an elegance and mystery about her that attracted me. During the painting, which was done during a period of deep personal sadness as my belo‍‍‍ved sister was leaving the world, she became more ephemeral and in the end not completely corporal. Hence the title as she is neither quite in one world nor the other.