Oil painting of man and woman with  impressionist background
black and white drawing of young girl's face

A  selection of Portrait commissions in Oil and pencil. The top banner is  vignettes from the large Drake commission I completed in 2014. To  inquire about your own contact me here   [email protected]  

oil painting portrait of two young women by Jane Indigo
Drawing of a young child in color pencils by Jane Indigo

The Shand Girls - Oil on Canvas 18" x 14"

T he Happy Couple - Oil - 14" x 18"

This Portrait was commissioned by friends to celebrate this happy pair's engagement.

Windswept - Graphite and Pencil 12" x 16"

Young Girl - Colour pencils 12" x 16"

This drawing is of my daughter and was originally begun as a demonstration of freehand drawing for one of my Art Groups.

This drawing was done from a photo as an ongoing demonstration of colour pencil techniques to an Art class. I love the subtlety and depth that can be built up with correct use of this medium. It especially suits child portraits I think.

This portrait was commissioned by their mother as these lovely sisters were leaving home and she wanted to have a sense of their still being around.

life sized Oil painting of young girl in conservatory with gardens

Nerayanii - Oil on Canvas 28" x 38"

This near life - size painting of the beautiful Nerayanii was done from live sittings in the client's home and studio photos. It was commissioned by her parents to celebrate her upcoming wedding.

Drawing of a young boy with his cat colour pencils

This was commissioned as a companion piece to one of Jack's brother, commissioned earlier as a Birthday gift for his father. We had a lovely photo shoot and both Jack and Henry were very patient about it all!

Jack and Henry - Colour Pencil 12" x 16"

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Lisa mum meld three

Memorial Portrait - Colour Pencil 14" x 16"

This recently completed Portrait was commissioned by the subject's daughter as a Birthday present for her Father. She had the lovely idea of using a Rose at each corner to represent the children and as they were quite Tudor looking, I did the names as banners.

Kristina and her husband

Oil Portrait 12" x 16"

This straight off the easel Portrait was commissioned as a gift for the client's handsome husband. There is something tender and charming in this pose, with him standing protectively behind her, while she glows beautifully in her lovely pearls. I hope I have managed to capture this quality to a degree at least.